Cultura Promotions is a non-profit organization dedicated to our youth, families and community. In 2012, Cultura Promotions of Espanola, New Mexico, held their first car show under the team leadership of Thomas Martinez, Eppie Martinez, Juan Montoya and Andres Valdez.  The MainStreet ShowDown car show quickly garnered enough interest to become an annual event in Espanola.  In an innovative move, a strategic relationship was formed in which Cultura Promotions coordinated the car show in conjunction with Motorsport Showcase LLC and Lowrider Magazine for future event.  

Cultura Promotions will continue to produce the MainStreet ShowDown de Espanola Custom Car Show and Concert produced in conjunction with Motorsport Showcase LLC.  In August 2012, the show attracted over 300 exhibitors, with many of New Mexico’s and the Southwest best custom cars on display.  The show was the largest car show in New Mexico for 2012.  With the success of the MainStreet ShowDown de Espanola show and the strong reputation in the lowrider community, Cultura Promotions has branched out into other markets as well.  These shows represent the high standards associated with Cultura Promotions and Motorsport Showcase LLC as top-of-the-line car show and concert events thought out New Mexico and the Southwest. 

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